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RBC Trust acts as trustee for all types of personal trusts including:

RBC Trust has particular expertise in administration of both charitable remainder trusts and successor trusteeships under revocable living trusts.

The American Gift Fund - A Unique Donor Advised Charitable Foundation

In addition to providing trust services for the types of trusts listed above, RBC Trust also serves as trustee for The American Gift Fund. The American Gift Fund is a donor advised charitable foundation which allows individuals or businesses to enjoy most of the benefits or their own private foundation, while using the higher public foundation deduction rules and avoiding the costs and complexities of a private foundation.

RBC Trust Takes Care of The Details

As a professional trustee, our main responsibility is to interpret and carry out the instructions written in the trust document, impartially and without conflict of interest. This may include managing assets to appropriate objectives and distribute income and principal to beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of the trust. But quality service means taking care of details:

  • Holding trust assets in secure custody
  • Collecting and distributing interest and dividend income
  • Maintaining accurate records to account for principal and income
  • Producing clear, simple statements
  • Complying with tax laws and regulations by filing returns and providing tax information to grantors, beneficiaries and others
  • Being sensitive to the needs of beneficiaries in a professional responsible manner
  • Complying with all bank regulations
  • Maintaining satisfactory bonding and insurance coverage
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